Term & Conditions

General Description

The portal, known as the Website, exists on the World Wide Web, applications, and various electronic mediums. It offers a wide range of astrological content, reports, data, as well as consultations through telephone and email (referred to as "Content"). The Services provided by the Website include both "Free Services" and "Paid Services" (collectively referred to as "Services"). Free Services are easily accessible without the need to become a member. However, to access personalized astrological services, receive additional Content, and avail yourself of Paid Services, registration as a member on the portal is required. By registering for Paid Services, members agree to:

Provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information about themselves as prompted by the Website. Maintain and update the provided information to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

Scope of Services

At Astroarise.com, we offer a wide range of services designed to cater to your astrological needs. Our offerings encompass various forms of divination and guidance, including astrological content, personalized reports, tarot card readings, face readings, palmistry, life coaching, and counselling. Additionally, we provide services such as numerology, predictions, live telephone consultations, email consultations. It is important to note that while we strive to provide reliable consultations, we cannot guarantee the absolute reliability of every consultation offered to our users or registered members.

To ensure clarity, our services are divided into two categories: Free Services and Paid Services. The nature of each service and any associated fees will be clearly displayed on our website for users to review. Our Free Services are accessible to all visitors of our website, allowing them to benefit from the astrological insights we provide. On the other hand, our Paid Services are available exclusively to registered members. To gain access to these services, users are required to complete the registration process on our website and become a Registered Member. As a Registered Member, it is important to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information as prompted on the website. Should any changes occur, please inform us promptly to ensure the best possible outcomes for your astrological journey.

User Account Access

The Website will securely access and utilize the User's account and information to ensure the delivery of top-notch services and cater to customer needs with utmost effectiveness. By using the Website, the User grants unrestricted access to the account by authorized personnel, including employees and agents of the Website. To address any complaints or reported instances of misuse, the Website will thoroughly investigate each case based on the available records. Users are advised to review the Privacy Policy for detailed information regarding the handling of such records.

Breach and Termination

The User acknowledges that the Website holds the right to make changes, modifications, or discontinuations to the services ordered or the User's registered Account, either in whole or in part, without prior notification. The Website may exercise this right without providing any reason or issuing notice to the User. In the event of a violation of any conditions stated in these Terms of Usage, the User's Registration with the Website may be immediately cancelled. The Website reserves the right to take prompt action and terminate the User's account if any of the following circumstances arise:

The Website is unable to authenticate or verify the Registration data or any other relevant information provided by the User. The actions of the User are believed to potentially result in legal liability for the Website, other Users, or any service provider associated with the Website. The User is found to have submitted false or misleading Registration data or has interfered with the activities of other Users or the administration of the services. Additionally, if the User has violated the privacy policy as outlined by the Website.

Regarding Service Providers, including Astrologers, it is understood and agreed that their relationship with the Website is limited to being a member, acting exclusively on their own behalf and for their own benefit. The Website retains the right to terminate and deactivate the Profile of any Service Provider found to be in violation of the present terms of usage and the Service Terms and Conditions agreed upon during the registration process.

Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge and accept that to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Astroarise.com does not provide any warranties for the Services rendered. Each Astrologer registered with the Website offers consultations based on their individual knowledge, skills, experience, and preferred methods. It is important to understand that while all recommendations made by the Astrologers are made in good faith, any discrepancies discovered by you in such recommendations will not hold us or our affiliates legally responsible. We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from unauthorized use of your account. Although Astroarise.com strives to provide accurate information about its Services, we do not guarantee the correctness or completeness of such information. It is important to note that Astroarise.com is not a helpline platform for suicide prevention. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, we strongly recommend reaching out to the relevant authorities, medical professionals, or contacting a national or local suicide prevention helpline. Users and Registered Members are advised against entering independent contracts with Astrologers on the Website, and any consequences or liabilities arising from such contracts are not the responsibility of Astroarise.com. By downloading any material from the Website, you assume full responsibility and risk for any resulting damage or loss to your computer system or Smartphone. Additionally, any coupons denied due to grammatical or typographical errors do not impose liability on the Website. The Astrologers and service providers registered with us are members of the Website and not employees of Astroarise.com. While we make efforts to verify their qualifications and credentials, our review is limited to the information provided by the Astrologers and service providers, and we do not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of such information. It is important to understand that Astroarise.com functions as a platform connecting Astrologers and service providers with Users, and the enrolment of any service provider or Astrologer does not constitute an endorsement. Astroarise.com is not a medical institution and does not guarantee the accuracy of any medical advice provided by an Astrologer or service provider. Users and Registered Members are advised to seek independent medical advice from licensed professionals for any medical concerns.

Furthermore, Astroarise.com bears no responsibility for any monetary loss or physical issues resulting from a User or Registered Member acting on medical advice provided by an Astrologer. Regardless of the nature of the action, Astroarise.com 's liability, if any, will be limited to the amount paid by a Registered Member to Astroarise.com for the Services availed."

Intellectual Property

By visiting our Website, you are granted a limited license to utilize the information provided. This license permits you to save the data from the Website onto your personal device, solely for your personal use. It is important to respect the integrity of the content by refraining from removing or altering any copyright symbols, trademarks, or other proprietary material. Any usage of our information beyond the specified purpose is strictly prohibited. You acknowledge that unauthorized utilization of the confidential information on our Website constitutes a violation of our intellectual property rights, and you agree to hold us harmless in such cases. With the exception of explicitly designated third-party elements, we affirm that we are the sole owners of all the content displayed on our Website, including graphics, logos, sound recordings, and software. The laws applicable in India govern any infringement upon our intellectual property rights. The license to access and use our Services does not include the right to copy or reproduce our information on any other platform or medium without our prior written consent.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, any word, logo, or object bearing trademarks indicating the grant of Intellectual Property Rights must be considered a registered trademark either owned by us or used with permission. The right of a user to access our Website should not be construed as a license to utilize our Intellectual Property Rights.

Links to Third -Party Websites

Our Website may include links to external websites or platforms, each governed by their own terms of use that are beyond our control. Once you leave our Website by clicking on these links, you will be subject to the terms and conditions specified by the respective website or platform. It is advisable for users to review and understand these terms and conditions before engaging in any transactions or activities on such external websites and platforms. We do not assume any responsibility for the terms and conditions or the content displayed on these websites or platforms. Additionally, any mention of third-party content or links on our Website should not be interpreted as an endorsement by us of such content, website, or platform. Astroarise.com is not affiliated with any communication, transaction, or any other activities between a user and a third party, including payment and verification service providers, conducted on our Website. We do not bear any responsibility for such interactions.

By accepting these Terms, you acknowledge that we are exempt from any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, regardless of its nature, that you may experience as a result of any transaction, communication, or related activity conducted by you on third-party websites and platforms. Our Website contains information generated by us, as well as content provided by third parties. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of the content provided by these third parties, and users should not solely rely on such content when utilizing our Services.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In the event of any disagreement, claim, or dispute arising from or relating to these Terms of Usage, including the determination of the extent or applicability of these Terms of Usage to arbitration or your utilization of the Application or the information it provides access to, it shall be resolved through arbitration in India. The arbitration proceedings shall take place in New Delhi, in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. A sole arbitrator, appointed by both the Members and the Website, shall preside over the arbitration. All arbitration proceedings, including any awards granted, shall be conducted in English and shall be considered final and binding upon the disputing parties. However, either party reserves the right to seek interim or preliminary relief from a competent court located in New Delhi to safeguard their rights during the arbitration process. Both parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India, with New Delhi as the venue for such proceedings.

These Terms of Usage shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India, without giving effect to any choice of law principles that would necessitate the application of another state's laws. If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision or portion of these Terms of Usage or Privacy Policy is unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall be modified and construed to best accomplish the objectives of the original provision within the limits of the applicable law. The remaining provisions of the Terms of Usage or Privacy Policy, as applicable, shall continue to be fully effective. The headings used are solely for reference purposes and do not define, limit, construe, or describe the scope or extent of any section. Any waiver of a provision in the Terms of Usage shall be valid only if made in writing and signed by Astroarise.com. These Terms of Usage constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter and supersede any prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, whether written or oral, concerning such subject matter.

These Terms of Usage, as well as your use of the Services, will be interpreted according to the laws of India, excluding its conflict of laws principles. The parties agree to submit any disputes arising under these Terms of Usage to the jurisdiction of a court located in New Delhi for any actions in which the parties retain the right to seek injunctive or other equitable relief in order to prevent actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation, or violation of a party's copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, or other intellectual property rights.